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Unleash your potential with Wattbike

What is Wattbike?

Wattbike is the only indoor bike endorsed by British Cycling and is also used by the UCI International Cycling Organisation at its headquarters and satellite centres worldwide. It is known as the indoor bike that feels most like a road bike and as well as being used by cyclists, many other disciplines of professional athletes around the world use them too.

The Wattbike was devised and developed over a period of 8 years to create the closest road bike feel of any indoor bike, to offer the ultimate training and testing tool and in order to transfer directly the lessons learnt during indoor training to the road experience.

Wattbike engineers worked closely with Peter Keen, former performance director of British Cycling and UK Sport and used athletes to test the bike throughout its development before its public launch after the 2008 Olympics. Now, 7 years on, it has been much more widely endorsed by its successful, widespread use by the athletic community across a wide range of sports.

Wattbike has three fundamental aspects

First is its ability to faithfully create the feel of riding a real bike. It does so by using a unique air brake construction in combination with a magnetic braking system. This allows any desired training session from a cruise on country lanes, to a high intensity race to be simulated. Using the air brake lever provides resistances from 1, lightest to 10 heaviest. The additional magnetic system is used for rides requiring even higher resistance levels. Personal training zones on the Wattbike make it easy for the rider to train for their specific event. Sprinters will often undertake interval work in the higher zones 4-5, whereas riders wishing to build endurance will stay at zones 1-3, which help to build power and base endurance.

The second element of cycling realism is the bike’s set up and adjustability which replicates that of road bikes. Just like a road bike saddle height, saddle fore and aft, stem height and stem fore and aft are all adjustable to ensure the perfect fit for every user.

The third feature is measurement and recording of more than 40 parameters about the rider’s session. All of the key data is displayed on the performance monitor in real time for the rider’s benefit. This includes interpreting and displaying the rider’s pedalling technique using the unique Polar View to show how balanced and effective their pedalling style is.

When riders and trainers are able to visualise and analyse their data, they are able to identify areas of strength and for improvement. If a rider changes their technique or starts a new training plan, they can instantly see its effectiveness as the data is displayed on the performance monitor or via Wattbike’s new smartphone app, the 'powerapp'.

Wattbike’s accurate physical representation of a real bike and the data it captures form a remarkable complimentary service to any aspiring or accomplished athlete, not just in cycling, also across an increasing range of sporting disciplines. However, if it’s fresh air you want or a cruise with friends to a favourite pub you will do better to get on your road bike.

What else makes Wattbike so good?

  • It is an excellent way to provide measured amounts of exercise
  • It allows analysis of performance within and between sessions
  • It accurately measures progress towards your goals
  • It will improve your fitness
  • It is a low impact form of exercise
  • Age is rarely a barrier to using Wattbike
  • Wattbike is great for rehabilitative exercise
  • Using Wattbike ensures you are exercising at the appropriate intensity for your physiology and fitness
  • Despite its origins, most people who use it for their training aren’t cyclists; of course cyclists are welcome too.

Why not listen to a client?

As a regular cyclist about town and a keen sportswoman, I was intrigued by the prospect of a training approach which genuinely allows you to monitor your performance within a session and to show your relative performance over days, weeks and months. Using Wattbike has been a revelation to me and I am determined to keep using it to improve my performance in cycling and other sports.

What makes Wattbike at Saturn Fitness and Wellness even better?

We are genuinely focussed on helping our clients to achieve their ambitions. We will make sure you get the best from Wattbike and that Wattbike will produce the best from you.

As a family owned and run studio, we are deeply invested in ensuring our clients are always made welcome and enjoy the time they spend with us.

Free Wattbike session

Even if you have used a Wattbike before, we are very happy to offer your first session on a Wattbike with us free of charge and without obligation. Contact us now to book your free session.