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Studio: Power Plate

What is Power Plate?

Power Plate is a fantastic method of exercising with many benefits. It improves overall strength and power, improves muscle tone, improves core strength and stability, reduces body fat, reduces the appearance of cellulite, increases fitness and aids general well-being.

Also, a 25 minute Power Plate class is equivalent to 75 – 90 minutes of gym work and we run 62 classes every week making it extremely convenient and accessible even for the busiest people.

What else makes Power Plate so good?

More than just an exercise machine, the Power Plate® offers the capacity for whole body massage to enhance relaxation, by passively working the muscles for an immediate localised increase in circulation.

Independent studies show the Power Plate machine’s potential to increase bone mineral density and preventing bone mineral density loss related to aging.

Why not listen to one of our clients?

“I started doing Power Plate in May when my fiancé went away for 6 months because I didn’t want him to come back to Jabba the Hut! I go to Power Plate 3 times a week and watch what I eat but I still drink wine if I want to or eat chips if we’re out but it’s all about moderation and paying more attention to if I’m full or why I’m eating. On the first of August I had a re-measure for my wedding dress and found out I’d lost 3 inches from my lower hips, 2 from my upper and an inch from my bust! I couldn’t believe it! In the last month I’ve lost another inch from my lower hips which I couldn’t believe as my eating wasn’t as good as it had been during August."

'I love doing Power Plate because it’s so quick and everyone at Saturn is so friendly and they really pay attention to what I say. Because the classes are small there’s no way I can take it easy and the instructors are great at making me increase my effort.”

What makes Power Plate at Saturn Fitness and Wellness even better?

We believe Power Plate, Abingdon and Saturn Fitness and Wellness go together perfectly. We aim to provide the best Power Plate experience for very many miles around. The best choice of classes, best class teachers, best variety of classes, best value classes and the best opportunities for complementary activities.

Free Power Plate class

Join the growing number of Power Plate fans including Elle Macpherson, Dannii Minogue, and Courtney Cox and achieve all the benefits of the gym in only 30 minutes.

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