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We are over the moon with the arrival at Saturn Fitness and Wellness of something completely different – a Wattbike. On the surface it looks rather like a spinning bike. Do not be fooled; underneath the gorgeous black covers and red and white detailing there is an amazing amount of technical wizardry going on. The on board electronic brain allows you to bespoke tailor every single Wattbike session to your specific needs and physiology.

So there’s no more listening to the ear splitting pumping tracks, no more putting up with a wonky bike, no more “trainers” screaming out instructions and no more looking around to see if you are keeping up.

Instead, Wattbike guides you to train at a pace and an intensity to suit you. After your session, you will see exactly what you have done and over time you will be able to see the improvements you are making.

While Wattbike was developed for cyclists, it is also used by world class athletes in many other sports including rugby (England, All Blacks and Japan), triathlon, rowing (Oxford Ladies), athletics (heptathlete Jessica Ennis-Hill and 800M runner Jenny Meadows), football, basketball, ice hockey, Formula One motor racing, boxing (Anthony Crolla WBA lightweight champion) and many more.

Come and give Wattbike a try, see how well it works from the unfit to world class performers and everyone in between. We have a number of free sessions available for those who get in early. Contact us on to book your session. Those who hesitate will be left behind.

New Therapists

We are delighted to welcome Mark Vanner, a hypnotherapist, to our expanding team of therapists. He’s a really nice guy and Mark’s treatments cover smoking cessation, weight loss, fears and phobias, anxiety, fear of flying, public speaking and many more areas. You can read more at www.mind-solutions.co.uk.

We are also delighted to announce that Fiona Fayers has joined our team of therapists. Fiona offers Bowen Technique, Hyperton-X Kinesiology and massage therapies. Please contact us for more information or via the contact page.

Pilates Training Course

This weekend (2nd-3rd November), we are hosting a Pilates Teacher’s Level 3 Matwork Training Course for APPI. Four of our own teachers will be attending. We wish them all an interesting, enjoyable and successful weekend.

Yoga Workshops

We are thrilled to announce that Sue Pennington has two more yoga workshops coming up here on Saturday 25th October and Saturday 22nd November, as part of her popular ‘afternoon of yoga’ series. Sue began practising yoga in 1978 and realised after attending her first class that she would never stop. She has been teaching since 1984, and loves it and plans to carry on until no one wants to come to her classes anymore. Her influences are manifold and include rigorous asana practices such as astanga, as well as more passive styles, and extend through pranayama, meditation and yoga philosophy.

They will run from 2–5pm and comprise:

  • Asana
  • Pranayama
  • Meditation
  • Relaxation
  • Theory

These workshops will begin with an introduction to the eight limbs of yoga (asana is the third), to give some context to what we practice in classes. Then we’ll take some classical asanas and explore modifications and variations, easier and more advanced options, according to who is present. If you wish to work on a particular asana or group of asanas please let me know in advance so I can plan a balanced, cohesive workshop. The workshop will also include pranayama, pratyahara and relaxation. We will finish up with tea and biscuits, and time for yoga-related questions and discussion.

To register and pay (in advance please) contact Sue Pennington on , call 01865 776759 or visit www.suepennington.com