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Physiotherapy prior to a hip or knee replacements is required for the best outcome

Physiotherapy prior to a hip or knee replacements is required for the best outcome

The role of physiotherapy in joint replacement outcomes

Researchers have established that having physiotherapy prior to a joint replacement operation could significantly reduce patients’ need for care post-operatively. Physiotherapy is a normal part of rehabilitation after a hip or knee replacement and researchers in Columbus, Ohio, wanted to know if it would be helpful if used in preparing patients for surgery and what, if any benefits, there would be.

Digging through the archives for evidence

By trawling through the records of nearly 5,000 operations to check the outcomes and by taking account of elements such as any other illnesses the patients’ had and in how the joint replacement was conducted; they ensured a fair evaluation was made.

Ease of recovery

They found a striking difference as only 54% of patients who had pre-operative physiotherapy needed treatment after the immediate recovery period, while 80% of those who hadn’t had the preparatory therapy required it. In other words, there was a reduction of one third in the use of post-acute care needs.

Lower overall cost

They also determined the comparative costs of providing physiotherapy in advance with the more routine approach of extra nursing and rehabilitation afterwards. Pre-treatment with physiotherapy was found to be less expensive than the extra nursing and rehabilitation needed afterwards. As a result, they have recommended pre-operative physiotherapy “to achieve an integrative, cost-effective patient care pathway”.

How we can help you

At Saturn Fitness and Wellness, we are very fortunate to have lots of very experienced physiotherapists and we will be delighted to help you prepare for the best possible outcome from your forthcoming joint replacement operation.

Stay healthy.


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