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Editor’s guide to healthy New Year’s resolution making

Editor’s guide to healthy New Year’s resolution making

Too much information?

A quick search on the www shows there really isn’t any lack of advice on this topic; so I’ve decided to add to it. You may think this a strange decision and you are probably correct. However, I have some obvious and not so obvious reasons to do so.
1. As a fitness and wellness business, this is a mainstream topic.
2. We have a surge of hits in January and we need to show new visitors we have a “live” website which is regularly updated. Last year I posted 49 blogs in addition to my regular updates to other areas of the site.
3. I like to think this guide will provide a different perspective and will be quick and easy to read and provide the basic information needed to make a healthy resolution.

My short guide

1. Only make ONE resolution.
2. Make it a resolution that will benefit the REST of your life.
3. Tell family, friends, work mates what your resolution is. They will provide the vital support and encouragement you WILL need.

My somewhat longer guide

Choose from one of these resolutions; the higher up the list the better.
1. Stop smoking.
2. Reduce your total calorie intake to lose weight on a gradual basis until you have a normal BMI.
3. Be more active in any way you wish, whether you walk more, cycle to work, stop using lifts and escalators, go to the gym, attend an exercise class or any other activity of your choosing.
4. If you drink too much alcohol, gradually reduce it to the recommended maximum intake or less.
5. Make sure you get enough sleep.


This set of choices is aimed at helping you to make the choice which is likely to be the most beneficial for you. If you don’t smoke, your options start at number 2; if you have a normal BMI, yours start at number 3 and so on. If none of these apply, you are left with changes which are not going to make much difference to the quality of your physical health. Of course there are a host of things you can resolve to do which can improve your life in other ways.

Please help me

I hope you found this useful; please feel free to comment whether you did or you didn’t. Feedback is what keeps me going and hopefully, will make my regular blog more interesting and relevant to even more people.

Good health.


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