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Get more exercise without really trying

Get more exercise without really trying

Sound good? Read on

As we are already in party season and Christmas and New Year are right in front of us, with all the temptations they bring to over indulge in all manner of tempting forms, why not think about adopting some of the methods below to burn more calories starting today?

Exercise as part of your daily routine

You should be able to incorporate some or all of the suggestions below into your daily habits to give you not just a pre-Christmas health and fitness boost; you should be able to continue them for a long time ahead.
Your life is busy enough as it is, so finding time to exercise can be tough.This is no reason not to do it as it’s well worth the effort. In addition to the evidence physical activity can protect you from a whole range of ailments from Alzheimer’s through to obesity, it also makes you happier. In reality, exercising doesn’t have to be that difficult. Make a few simple changes in your life and you’ll be in better shape in weeks and you won’t need any special equipment to do so. Just think what you could look and feel like in the near future. It must be worth it.

Walk a bit more

What could be easier? I’m sure you’ve heard or been told this before. Why not do something about it? Walk to the shops. Get off the bus 1 stop earlier, get on the bus 1 stop later, all of the extra walking you do is going to burn calories, roughly 90 for every 20 minutes. That’s about the same as a chocolate digestive biscuit. Seconds to eat, 20 minutes to burn; makes you think doesn’t it?

Use the stairs more

I know it’s easier to use a lift, or let the escalator do the work for you. Now think about the benefits of short bursts of vigorous activity, which includes climbing stairs:
Climbing stairs burns calories faster than jogging.
Activities like climbing stairs guard against heart disease, diabetes, stroke and some cancers, while releasing endorphins that produce feelings of happiness and wellbeing.
Why not use some of that time wasted watching TV adverts and do some stair climbing instead? If you just did 1 minute of stair climbing during every advert break for an hour, you would burn over 50 calories.
Walking downstairs is good for you too, although it burns far fewer calories than climbing stairs, it uses different muscles. And all of our muscles need to be worked.

Sit less

When sitting, your body slows down, your metabolism eases off, muscles turn off, connective tissues contract and calorie consumption drops. For every hour of standing, you use about 80 calories more than when you are sat down.
So think GOYA (Get Off Your Bottom). All of those benefits I just mentioned apply to standing instead of sitting. Just get into the habit of standing; you will get great benefits from doing so.

If you sit while watching TV, try sitting on the floor

This is probably what you did as a child. Here’s why you should get back to this: You can remain almost motionless for a very long period of time watching TV if you are in a comfortable chair or on a nice sofa. However, if you sit on the floor for exactly the same time you’ll be moving, wriggling, shifting position, stretching, all of which keeps your vital systems operational throughout. What’s more, the kids will probably enjoy your company too.

Pep Talk

There is nothing difficult about any of these suggestions, put them to work and you could witness a mini-miracle happen to your body, to your health, to your enjoyment of life and you should lead a healthier, longer life.

Good health.


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