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Running to work is good for you

Running to work is good for you

If you do, you get all of these benefits:

  • You will get fitter.
  • You will get healthier.
  • You could live longer.
  • It’s more reliable and can be quicker.
  • It will reduce your stress levels.
  • You may save a lot of money.

Get fitter and healthier

Jogging and running are healthy options for your journey to work, as are walking and cycling. You will use more calories running than through walking or cycling. Typically 600 calories/hour are used when running, 480 for cycling and 300 for walking. For a 3 mile journey, you would use about 300 calories running, 240 cycling and 150 walking.
Even if you only run for 10 minutes, getting your heart rate up for that time is far better for you than taking public transport.
Running improves your cardiovascular fitness and reduces your risk of heart disease. Being fit also strengthens your immune system to fight illnesses and you’re less likely to catch germs when running rather than travelling on packed public transport.

You may also live longer

Professor Lars Bo Andersen studied 30,000 people in Copenhagen who ran or cycled to work over a 15 year period; he found that mortality rates fell by 30% among those who did. This was after smoking, obesity and other cardiovascular risk factors were taken into account.

Save time by commuting on foot

In many cases it’s as quick to run as it is to travel by car or public transport. Plus, you won’t need to worry about delays, strikes or congestion affecting your journey time. What’s more, if you run to or from work, you may not need to take time out of your leisure time to go to the gym.

Reduce the stress in your life

More than 1 in 4 people worry about work when they’re sitting on a packed train or bus. Running takes your mind off work while you absorb the scenery, think of where you’re going and avoid bumping into someone or something in your path! The more scenic the route you run, the more your senses absorb all that’s around you taking your mind off the things that you’ll otherwise chew over while sitting in a car, bus or train.

Save money, possibly a lot of money

Public transport is expensive, as is running a car and running to work can save you a lot of money. You may also be able to go without a gym membership as you are keeping fit and healthy as part of your daily commuting run. Why not work out how much you could save; you may be surprised?

Stay healthy.


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