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We are different, because you are too

We are different, because you are too


Before we created Saturn Fitness and Wellness, we thought long and very hard about what we needed to do to make coming to us an enjoyable, beneficial and special experience. The key areas we focussed on were the atmosphere, the welcome, the quality of the teachers, therapists and trainers, the value for money and helping, as far as possible to encourage as many people as possible to enjoy physical activity.

The atmosphere

From careful selection of the colour scheme, selection of the flooring, appropriate use of mirrors, glass walls, plants, pictures, seating, lighting, through to equipment choice and a host of other aspects; we aimed to make every element of a visit to Saturn Fitness and Wellness welcoming, enjoyable and calming. Maintaining this ambience requires constant attention to detail and not a little expense. As so many people have commented on the super job we do; it makes it all the more worthwhile.

The welcome

In addition to the decorating, the plants, fixtures and fittings; there is the crucially important aspect of the personal welcome clients receive. This essentially revolves around the teachers, therapists, trainers and “the family” who inject the vital individual warm welcome. Without their dedication to the cause of happiness, making you feel comfortable and supported; we may as well have painted the walls black.

Quality of delivery

It doesn’t matter a jot how good the atmosphere is, how inviting your therapist, trainer, teacher or receptionist is if clients aren’t happy with the quality and effectiveness of the session they have paid for. While not wanting to suggest we are resting on any laurels; we consider ourselves so lucky to have been able to attract such well qualified, highly experienced, enthusiastic and strongly motivated people across the whole of our offer.

Value for money

The vast majority of businesses in our sector rely enormously on long term contracts to extract money from their clients well after most of them have ceased to use their facilities. So much so, that they don’t care who attends and how often because the money rolls in anyway. Our view is that the only way a client retains control is with a pay as you go or short term booking approach and this is what we have adopted. We are happy to reveal that we have returned a block booking payment to one client who wasn’t happy with a class they attended. Try that anywhere else and you will very likely not be treated so fairly.

Encourage more people to take up and enjoy physical activity

Because our trainers, therapists and teachers are some of the best around, having a depth of training and knowledge not often seen in this sector, they are able to work with people from outside the normal population. Indeed they welcome this because it is more challenging, more stimulating and helps them to learn more and further build their skills.

By outside the normal population, we mean people who are injured, people recovering from illness, people with physical limitations, people with long term medical conditions, people with poor physical health and older people. We work safely and effectively with all of these categories and with ante-natal and post-natal clients.

Current offers to encourage wider participation:

For new clients to the activities below we offer their first class free and without conditions:
Power Plate®

GO Active get healthy logo

For clients 50 or over, we offer a free Fitness MOT. We are running this offer for GO Active (Get Oxfordshire Active) and we will arrange the MOT at a time and date to suit you. You will gain valuable insight into your fitness in comparison with other people of your age. Also, you will be given useful information to take away about activities you might like to do to address any weak areas identified during the MOT.

Simply text/call us on 07552 045208 or e-mail us at info@saturnfitness.co.uk to request any of the above offers. We look forward to hearing from you.

Good health.


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