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Experts call for new focus on reducing inactivity

Experts call for new focus on reducing inactivity

Inactivity harms health and shortens lives

The evidence that inactivity is life shortening, a serious risk to good health and reduces quality of life keeps on mounting. As a nation, the United Kingdom has one of the worst addictions to inactivity and is one of the poorest for ill health too. Where do you stand, or sit, having read this information?

BBC video highlights these problems and suggests a solution.

Instead of reading this week, please have a look at this superb video produced by the BBC. There’s a good 10 minutes viewing in it.

Beat the street

If you prefer reading, I have a synopsis of the key points here:

What you should consider doing?

The big thing about improving your lifespan and enjoying better health is that you need to move more.
So, your number one enemy is sitting or lying around. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sleep as it’s vital to recharge you both physically and mentally.

Your friend is movement and the more of it the better.

You don’t have to become addicted to moving; though you should be doing something which increases your rate of breathing for 30 minutes on at least 5 days every week. That may sound a tough ask; it isn’t as you don’t have to do the whole day’s activity in one chunk. Instead, you can break it down into shorter pieces if you prefer. Nor do you have to put on your shorts or a leotard; everyday activities such as walking briskly, using the stairs instead of the lift, carrying heavy shopping bags from the shops, giving your car a good clean inside or out, or both if you wish, some gardening, mowing the lawn, weeding, digging and lots more options are all suitable.

Other options you might enjoy:

There are many more activities you can consider and I can only touch on a small number here to give you some ideas. First, there are activities you can do on your own if you wish:
Going to the gym

Secondly, activities where you only need one other person:

Thirdly, team sports

Finally, classes
T’ai Chi
Power Plate
Core stability

The list truly is almost endless. I have grouped them in this way beginning with solo activities and working through to activities which depend on more and more people and therefore are less flexible. It’s probably a good idea to try some of each type and once you’ve found which ones you like the most or which you find fit best with the other demands on your time, settle down to a routine you feel you can maintain. Do try to stick to it aswell.

When will you to start move more?

The best news is that it’s never too late or too early to start. As soon as you reduce your inactivity, the benefits will start to take effect. So why not start now?

Good health.


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