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Our Connections with the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

Our Connections with the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

What connections?

The personal connection:

Our youngest daughter is a volunteer ambassador at the Games and is spending the whole of it at the Scotstoun Sports Campus where both table tennis and squash are being played.

Our professional connections:

These are all indirect, though they do demonstrate very clearly the breadth of our offer and how athletes and non-athletes use the same services.

Studio Activities

The Linda Boston Studio is where Pilates, Yoga and T’ai Chi classes are held. At first glance, there would appear to be little, if any connection between any of them and high level performance athletics and sports. This is not true. All three offer important complements to the other training routines that are more commonly used. They offer opportunities to improve core strength, flexibility, balance, breath control, fluid movement, body awareness and effectiveness of effort. They are also very helpful in prevention of and recovery from injury.

Power Plate

Power Plate equipment has an amazingly high take up across many top level sports teams including football, basketball, American football, rugby and baseball. It is also very popular in individual sports such as tennis and golf. There are a number of world class cyclists, athletes and trainers who consider it a key part of their training schedule.

Personal Training

The personal training studio is where our 3 trainers work with people from their mid-late teens through to those in their seventies. Their task, in common with a trainer working with a top flight athlete or sportsperson, is to maximise their performance using every possible legal angle to do so. Most obviously these are diet, rest and recovery, balance, power, flexibility and any event specific skills and needs. Just as the world’s best athletes need help to achieve their best, so does everyone else.


Every athlete, every sportsperson is almost guaranteed to require support from therapists of one or many kinds to help them perform to their very best. This may be as part of their regular training, for prehabilitation (specific training to help to prevent injury or to help reduce recovery time after an operation) or rehabilitation or to help recovery from training, competition or injury. Our team comprises many therapists: Physiotherapists, an osteopath, massage therapists, a hypnotherapist, an acupuncturist, reflexologists, a Bowen therapist, a Mézières method therapist, a trigger point therapist and counsellors including a sports psychologist who provides support with specific exercise or lifestyle goals and with clinical issues that are affecting sporting performance.

If you think we can help you; we will be delighted to hear from you.

Good health.


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