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Diet, health, exercise and therapy in the news

Diet, health, exercise and therapy in the news

In the news this week

This week, I’ve done a round-up of some relevant items I think worthy of drawing to your attention. I hope you find them interesting.


Guidance provided to Muslims fasting for Ramadan

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) has issued an advisory leaflet on how to safely fast in the current hot weather. The date of Ramadan this year means UK Muslims will have to abstain from food and water for as many as 19 hours a day. Muslims who are unwell, pregnant or travelling are all exempt from fasting.


Weight loss surgery

NICE has produced draft guidelines recommending an increase in weight loss surgery in England to tackle an epidemic of type 2 diabetes to reduce debilitating complications. Evidence suggests a gastric bypass improves symptoms in around 60% of patients. However, the first line of attack will be diet and exercise.

More people to be offered statins

Nearly every man over 60 and every woman over 65 may be offered statins. This is a matter which has attracted some controversy as some GP’s claim the side effects of them can be significant. Others claim it is important to emphasise trying lifestyle changes before considering treatments with drugs.


Physiotherapy does work

A new report reveals that people who self-refer to a physiotherapist take less days off work and are 50% less likely to take more than a month off work than those referred by a doctor.


Many more people are cycling

Sustrans says an extra 50 million journeys were made on the National Cycle Network last year when compared with 2012. In total this produced over £800 million in health benefits, fuel savings of over £200 million and helped to ease congestion on the roads by saving 157 million car journeys.
I’m proud to be a cyclist; if you haven’t got on a bike, I hope you do so very soon.

Good health.


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