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Which is better for you, Yoga or Pilates?

Which is better for you, Yoga or Pilates?

Yoga or Pilates?

This is a question frequently asked of us, which is why I’ve decided to address it here. Yoga enthusiasts and Pilates fans will tell you of their life improving physical and mental benefits. Both are built around stretching and correct movement patterns, though they are markedly different. To confuse matters more, there are many variants of each and even blends of both. Read on to get clarity on the differences.


Yoga is an ancient technique; it can improve health and wellbeing. It is a full body exercise and uses pretty much every muscle in the body. By integrating, movement, poses (Asanas), breathing techniques and focused awareness, it results in inner strength and calm. Asanas can be held for quite long periods.


Pilates was developed only in the first half of the last century, it is particularly good for the core, the deep muscles of the abdomen and back. It also strengthens and builds control of many other muscles, especially those used for posture. In contrast to Yoga, most Pilates exercises are dynamic, in other words you are moving constantly rather than maintaining a pose. It is an excellent exercise technique for rehabilitation from many injuries and is one of the safest forms of exercise available.

Our Pilates and Yoga classes

We are exceptionally fortunate to have excellent teachers for all of our Yoga and Pilates classes and this means we can recommend any of our classes and all of our teachers without hesitation. For many people, access to a class at a time which suits them, determines whether they choose Yoga or Pilates. Some may have had specific recommendations. Others will try both and choose one or in some cases will decide to do both. I hope this helps you to decide; if not, we will be happy to discuss your specific situation, your goals and objectives to help you choose where to start. You can be confident you will be exercising safely and effectively under the guidance of a very competent teacher.

Good health.


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