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Why I love Saturn Fitness and Wellness

Why I love Saturn Fitness and Wellness

Read on to hear why some of our clients love us:
“Even before Saturn opened, I had been going to Linda’s Pilates classes and still do. She is an inspiration, so happy, so positive and always shows a genuine interest in all of her clients. Linda is the reason I have been able to remain so active despite some long term underlying problems I have. The new mats are fantastic and it’s great to know I am attending a venue where quality comes before everything else.” Caroline H

“I started doing Power Plate in May when my fiancé went away for 6 months because I didn’t want him to come back to Jabba the Hut! I go to Power Plate 3 times a week and watch what I eat but I still drink wine if I want to or eat chips if we’re out but it’s all about moderation and paying more attention to if I’m full or why I’m eating. On the first of August I had a re-measure for my wedding dress and found out I’d lost 3 inches from my lower hips, 2 from my upper and an inch from my bust! I couldn’t believe it! In the last month I’ve lost another inch from my lower hips which I couldn’t believe as my eating wasn’t as good as it had been during August. I love doing Power Plate because it’s so quick and everyone at Saturn is so friendly and they really pay attention to what I say. Because the classes are small there’s no way I can take it easy and the instructors are great at making me increase my effort.” Amy R.

“After only a month of attending your classes I can already feel the benefits. My posture has improved, there is more spring in my step, my core is stronger AND my waist is trimmer by one notch on my belt. In addition, your classes are genuinely enjoyable, never before have I liked exercising as much – thank you.” John B.

“With the expert guidance I received with my nutrition and personal training programme, I was able to lose 4 stones and achieve my target weight for my wedding day, so I looked and felt amazing. That was last year and we didn’t stop there! We set new goals and I’m now even fitter than I ever thought I could be.” Sam C.

“Saturn Fitness and Wellness is professional, friendly, helpful and has a lovely atmosphere. Going to Power Plate is very flexible because you can choose the time of day you want to go. In the 10 months I have been going, my body shape has changed, I’ve got stronger and my balance has improved a lot. In the ½ hour you are doing Power Plate, you have an instructor to tell you what to do and every time you go, you get new exercises which is great and after my exercise I feel great too.” Sigrid C.

A big thank you to Josh and Geoff at South East Workwear, Abingdon who helped with designing this logo for us; they were most helpful.

Good health.


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